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As if a Raven

2014, Palimpsest Press

ISBN: 978-1926794198

As If a Raven is a series of complex portraits – drawing on myth, history and ornithological lore – that are free of poses and that have the force of real feeling. In these poems, Yvonne Blomer offers readers a fresh way of seeing the natural world.

Read a guest post by Yvonne at Canadian Poetries, where she discusses some of the inspiration behind the poem “Have You Been Hunting?”

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The Book of Places

2012, Black Moss Press

ISBN: 978-0887534966

“Serious, playful, and governed by the eye’s apprehension of the familiar as well as the shockingly new, Yvonne Blomer’s Book of Places takes us cycling through Asian landscapes, Britain’s stone cathedrals, and the intimate landmarks of home, where these poems accumulate earthly wonders: rivers and rain, animals, leaves, bamboo’s hollow knock against stone. She drops the pebble of a word into a mirror pool, and its ripples expand into the still pond of the reader’s mind.”

— Pamela Porter, author of I’ll be Watching, Cathedral, and Governor General’s Award winner The Crazy Man

a broken mirror, fallen leaf

2006, Ekstasis Editions

ISBN: 978-1894800808

In this collection, Yvonne Blomer explores the experience of being a foreigner in Japan. In lyrical, imagist poems she vividly recreates moments in time and place, while reflecting on the nature of strangeness and familiarity — how that strangeness can itself be familiar, and the way we carry the places we love with us wherever we go.

Ravine, Mouse, a Bird’s Beak

2018, Nose in Book Publishing

Limited edition handbound chapbook

Visual art and poetry have a long history of contemplating the natural world and its ecology. When these two art forms come together, a conversation happens between what is painted, what is observed and the resulting ideas, images and emotions. Poetry is, as Rita Dove writes, “language at its most distilled and most powerful.” This distillation of language inspired by art is called ekphrastic poetry and allows the poet to inhabit, question, confront and speak to the art and its maker.

Ravine, Mouse, a Bird’s Beak was an exhibit in collaboration with Yvonne Blomer during her tenure as Victoria’s poet laureate. She responded to Robert Bateman’s paintings through a series of original poems. The Robert Bateman Centre opened up their collection to Yvonne in order to fully immerse her into the art of Robert Bateman and his unique view on the natural world. Displayed in unique ways, including audio recording, Yvonne’s poetry added new depth and meaning to Robert’s classic pieces.

Elegies for Earth

2017, Leaf Press

​ISBN: 978-1-988811-03-1

Elegies for Earth was the winner in the Canadian Category in the 2017 Overleaf Chapbook Manuscript Competition.

Elegies for Earth is printed in a limited edition of thirty copies, all held by the author. Please click here to order.


These elegies are printed one side only on rice paper, each transparent page revealing the layers of text beneath. We think of the fragile nature of the earth's ecosystems, of the need to take care. The printing process was punishing to these delicate papers, marring some of them with silvery scars, further adding to the theme. The chapbooks are hand-stitched, with end papers of translucent indigo, for the ocean.

Bicycle Brand Journey

2012, Jack Pine Press

​ISBN: 978-1-927035-02-3

Bicycle Brand Journey is a series of poems based on a cycling tour Yvonne and her husband took in Southeast Asia. The poems are inspired by the trip and the game of cribbage – a game they played on rainy days and in quiet villages. Ultimately, though, these are love poems. Poems that reflect on the connection between two cyclists and the world they cycle through; a world we all inhabit and influence as human beings. They are poems centered on humanity.

This project was a deep and direct collaboration as Regan took the poems and crafted visuals offering an entry point into each poem – a glimpse – while leaving space for individual interpretation. The cards, housed in hand-made folders, are digital reproductions of originals comprised of text and mixed media drawings. There are 14 poems in total – as if two people were playing cribbage, with a dummy hand, a card for the cut and a Joker. The gold dot paper recalls the pegging holes in a cribbage board. The cards can be arranged and rearranged for reading, just as a deck of cards can be shuffled.

Landscapes and Home

2011, Leaf Press



. . . Those elephants
knock down trees just to find solitude. Darkness. 

Poems based on remembered and imagined memories of Africa and the west coast of Canada. 

Landscapes and Home was shortlisted for the CBC Literary Awards and The Malahat Review’s Long Poem Prize.

The Book of Places
As if a Raven
a broken mirror
Ravine, Mouse, a Bird's Beak
Elegies for Earth
Bicycle Brand Journey
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